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Property division and child custody are two of the most contentious areas in divorce, often requiring divorce litigation. For that reason, it is imperative to understand the applicable legal standards. At the office of Russell L. Leonard, Attorney at Law, we guide you through this process, helping you understand your options and successfully transition to your post-divorce lifestyle.

Offering Creative Child Custody Solutions

Regarding child custody and visitation, Tennessee family law courts evaluate many factors. They recognize that both parents, as well as grandparents, can positively influence a child’s life. To that end, state laws allow for joint custody as well as grandparents’ visitation rights. That framework allows for a variety of creative approaches. For example, one parent may desire input into the decision-making aspects of a child’s care, but his or her work schedule prevents physical custody. In that situation, the parents might agree to joint legal custody.

Guiding You Through Complex Property Divisions

Regarding marital property Tennessee law requires an equitable, or fair division. However, that does not necessarily call for a 50-50 split. Our starting point is a forensic accounting of the marital estate. After we have a complete inventory of a couple’s joint assets and debt obligations, including retirement assets, we can develop a strategy. We also evaluate property distributions in light of your post-divorce resources. For example, it may not be affordable for you to remain in the family home after factoring in property taxes, maintenance and the loss of your spouse’s second income.

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You can trust the office of Russell L. Leonard, Attorney at Law, to protect your interests during property division and child custody discussions, whether you are in a contested or uncontested divorce. For a free initial consultation at our Monteagle, Tennessee, office, call 931-444-5496 or complete our online contact form.