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Russell L. Leonard, Attorney at Law

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Criminal Defense And DUI

The office of Russell L. Leonard, Attorney at Law, also practices a wide range of criminal defense matters. Yet we don’t accept just any case. The common theme among our past criminal cases is an insistence on a criminal defendant’s procedural rights. Attorney Russell L. Leonard will not let you get bullied by authorities. To the contrary, we often fight for the underdog. After all, if you have been accused of a crime, the law deems you innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court in a trial before a jury of your peers.

We Fight For The Underdog Criminal Defendant

In the past 25 years, attorney Russell L. Leonard has made a career of fighting for the underdog. He does not shy away from tough cases, even when the allegation is for a violent offense. From drunk driving charges to homicide, Russell L. Leonard insists on proper police procedures, from the moment of your arrest through trial.

We Negotiate For Your Best Outcome

Attorney Russell L. Leonard is also a skilled negotiator. This is important when a plea bargain may result in lesser charges or avoiding jail time. For a first-time offender, as in the case of a college student charged with DUI, he will work to minimize the impact that a criminal record might otherwise make upon future career and life opportunities. Since the court system is overburdened, prosecutors may be amenable to working out a more favorable outcome for a young offender.

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At the office of Russell L. Leonard, Attorney at Law, we believe that every defendant is entitled to a good defense. We also offer a free initial consultation. Call our Monteagle, Tennessee, office at 931-444-5496 or complete our online contact form to schedule your appointment.