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Russell L. Leonard, Attorney at Law
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Since starting his solo practice in 1990, attorney Russell L. Leonard has developed legal fluency in an impressive range of legal practice areas. He is truly a one-stop legal resource, helping clients throughout Tennessee with family law issues, federal civil rights, personal injury and medical malpractice claims, employment disputes, estate planning and criminal defense matters. The fact that most of our clients are referrals underscores the value of our legal services.

With clients, we strive for simple, friendly and open communication. If you are nervous, we will put you at ease. We believe that we will best represent our clients after they have honestly told their story to us. That trust goes both ways. We assess not only your legal options, but also your litigation hazards. You can trust us to "tell it like it is." Sometimes, your best solution may not involve going to court. Together, we will work to develop a legal strategy appropriate to your circumstances.

Applying An Experienced Trial Attorney's Eye To Your Claim

In state and federal courts, attorney Russell L. Leonard is a tough advocate. He embodies the skills that only develop from over 25 years of litigation experience. He understands how to elicit favorable testimony from witnesses, both in depositions and in trial. On cross-examination, he has the skills to expose factual discrepancies in the opposing party's story. He applies his trial attorney's eye even at the start of case, evaluating whether additional evidence must be gathered through civil discovery or subpoena power to ultimately present a more persuasive case to the jury. Regardless of whether we are representing you against criminal charges or seeking compensation for injuries in a civil lawsuit, our clients recognize that their legal interests are in the hands of a seasoned attorney.

Protecting Your Interests While Exploring Litigation Alternatives

Not every claim should begin with litigation. Many family law clients of Russell L. Leonard, Attorney at Law, appreciate our collaborative approaches to their conflicts. In child custody matters, especially, cooperation between parents spares the children from additional upset. In other practice areas, as well, negotiating a settlement may spare the parties both time and money. Attorney Russell L. Leonard has extensive negotiation experience. You can trust that he will protect your interests while pursuing favorable settlement options.

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